Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Optimus Prime

After nobly sacrificing himself to bring life back to Cybertron, Optimus Prime finds himself stuck in a mysterious ethereal realm. Mustering up his remaining power, Optimus sends messages from this otherworldly dimension to inspire and guide Bumblebee on his path to being a great leader.


Our yellow and black Autobot maintains a boundless optimism and taste for adventure. Although Bumblebee may be completely “no-nonsense” in the field when he’s up against the baddest of the bad, once he’s back on Earth we’ll see his mettle tested by his underlings.


A street-smart, fast-thinking rebellious ’Bot, Sideswipe is somewhat of a lone wolf feels he needs to look out for himself first and wishes Strongarm would cut him a break with all her rules and regulations – but when push comes to shove, he heeds the call to action.


Strongarm is staunchly dedicated to her career in law enforcement and can’t imagine a world where everyone doesn’t follow the letter of the law. Strongarm is completely earnest and possesses a world view devoid of shades of grey.


A proverbial “Neanderthal” with a huge heart, Grimlock is a Dinobot that fights hard and plays hard. In fact, he’s the strongest of the new Autobot group. Grimlock was unjustly imprisoned eons ago for his looks and not his deeds.


The enthusiastic, hyperactive, MINI-CON mans the tech and provides maintenance for the new Autobot base. Fix-It is equal parts mechanic/I.T./mascot, and archivist of the “Most Wanted” dossiers – he was the pilot of the Cybertronian Prison Ship, The Alchemor, that crash landed on Earth, and is thus intimate with its former inhabitants, their crimes and attributes.


This pit-bull-like Decepticon was also a prisoner aboard the Alchemor. Underbite’s crime: having physically eaten and entire Cybertronian city. Underbite’s physical prowess grows and multiplies every time he consumes metal.


Denny is the 40-something proud owner of the vast scrapyard that will become home to our Autobots. Denny is a big kid at heart (more so than his son Russell) with loads of child-like enthusiasm – especially for JUNK. But he doesn’t just collect junk – he refashions it into grand art projects and wacky contraptions.


Unable to wait until he graduates middle school, Russell’s at the awkward age where he’s trying a little too hard to leave childhood behind and act older/cooler than he actually is. Denny is thrilled to have his son living with him and considers it a bonding opportunity.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Years after we left the Autobots in “Transformers Prime” Bumblebee is summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth from a new faction of Decepticons. Bumblebee assembles a rogue team of young Autobots including a COOL REBEL “BAD BOY,” an ELITE GUARD CADET, a BOMBASTIC DINOBOT and a hyperactive MINI-CON to chase and capture their new enemies.